Commercial Services

Business Waste


We service commercial containers seven (7) days a week and can assist you as needed.


We offer several sizes of containers ranging from 1 to 8 yards. Our container pricing is dependent on multiple variables. Please contact us for an estimate specific to your needs.

**With our new commercial recycling you can greatly decrease your garbage pickups!

Single Stream Commercial Recycling

With cities across America beginning to look at more and more "green" efforts concerning recycling, we are already years ahead thanks to our partnership with RecycleLink in 2008.

Because of the success of our efforts, we are now able to offer the concept of Single Stream Recycling (NO SORTING!) to businesses in Lincoln and surrounding areas. Depending on your needs we can provide 65 or 95 gallon tote(s) along with 2 to 6 cubic yard containers. Contact us today to add single stream recycling to your business.

Home Construction Containers

We offer construction containers for your home construction projects. Please make sure all materials fit into the container level full with the lids closed. Overloading a container can be dangerous so please keep the container level full with the lid closed for our safety!


Pricing is dependent upon many factors, please contact us for a quote.

Pickup Schedule

Please notify us 24 hours in advance of when you would like your container emptied.

More Info

Banned Items

Waste oil, antifreeze, lead acid batteries, and household hazardous waste are among the commonly banned items from the landfill. Empty paint cans are allowed if lids are removed and residual paint is completely dry. For more information on how to properly dispose of these hazardous materials, please contact the Lincoln Health department at 402-441-8040 or visit them at the Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Dept


Please visit our online Q & A page to help answer frequently asked questions or contact us at (402) 467-1239 or at